Smart browser

HackerEarth has introduced a smart browser interface for our test environment. It will be mandatory for candidates to attempt the test while keeping certain things in mind, which are as follows:

  1. You must download and install the Smart Browser application from the launch test screen.
  2. Click the Start test button on the launch test screen.

  3. A browser pop-up will appear. Select Open SmartBrowser to launch the Smart Browser desktop application. (This might differ for different operating systems and browsers.)
  4. You have to close any other application running in the system.
  5. You have to attempt your test in full-screen mode only.
  6. You have to remove any external monitor or else you will be logged out.
  7. You have to close any Virtual Machine running in your system as it is not allowed while attempting the test.
  8. You will be logged out of the test if you try to switch workspaces. For example, pressing ctrl + win + arrow key on Windows will log you out of the test.
  9. You will be logged out if you use restricted keystrokes that are as follows:
      • All function keys and combos involving these keys ex: F1, F5 + Alt
      • Alt + Tab
      • Ctrl + Alt + Delete
      • Ctrl + V
      • Ctrl + C
      • OS superkeys and combos involving these keys  ex: Windows Key, Mac Command Key, Windows Key + C

This has been introduced to provide stricter proctoring features so that the assessment is fair and without any cheating or unfair practices.

Supported Operating systems

Smart Browser is supported by the following Operating Systems (OS):

OS Versions
Windows 10, 11
Linux Ubuntu 22.04, Ubuntu 20.04

13.5 Ventura







Known issues and quick fixes

Issue Fix
While using the Smart Browser on Mac, the Smart Browser detects the camera and microphone permission prompt as an attempt to move away from the test and automatically closes the assessment window.

1. You can relaunch the smart browser from the Start Test link on the download page. The error will not show up again since permissions have already been granted.
2. You can avoid this completely by granting camera and microphone permissions before starting the smart browser. You can do this by going following the steps:

System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Camera -> SmartBrowser -> Enable

To enable microphone permission, follow these steps:

System Settings -> Privacy & Security -> Microphone -> SmartBrowser -> Enable

Grammarly desktop interferes with the Smart Browser environment, which prevents you from typing the answers in the assessment. Grammarly (and all other writing aid software) must be shut entirely before launching the smart browser. 
The Smart Browser does not launch when the Start Test button is clicked after installation. Close all web browser windows -> Launch the Smart Browser by opening the application manually -> Close the Smart Browser -> Open web browser -> Open the invite link -> Click the Start Test button
The screen turns completely white after launching the Smart Browser. This is caused by poor internet connectivity. To fix this, close the Smart browser and ensure your internet connection meets our minimum internet speed requirement