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Upskilling: Learning path

A learning path is generally defined as the path or route that can be followed to learn a particular thing or skill. In Hackerearth’s upskilling platform, the learning path can be defined as the collection of skills that are required to learn a particular skill completely including all the basic, intermediate, and advanced topics. With the help of predefined learning paths, you can easily assess the candidates on their complete knowledge of a particular skill and how well can they apply the concepts of that skill to solve the problems. In short, Learning paths can be called the collection of beginner, intermediate, or advanced skill tests of the particular skill.

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For example, if you want to assess your candidates on the basis of a particular skill, let’s say C. The learning path of C will contain the skill tests of C with different proficiency that are beginner, intermediate, and advanced. To learn more about skill tests, read this article

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A learning path covers all the relevant topics required to master a particular skill. HackerEarth’s library has some pre-defined learning paths that are made according to industry standards and will help you to assess the true capability of a candidate. It will also help you to assess your employees on the industry-relevant skills from time to time so that they stay updated with technological trends and also come to know where they are lacking in their knowledge.